A home away from home


SandRuby is a viable model of excellence in its market, dedicated to serving the Jewish community as well as the broader community. It is a highly sought after, non-sectarian, premier provider of a stable, secure, continuum of care which includes post-hospital, long term, and dementia skilled nursing care, independent and assisted living, dementia, developmentally disabled, and medically frail adult day care, as well as other services consistent with our mission. We serve older adults and those experiencing challenges to independent living from all cultures, ethnicities and communities. Its customer focus, state of the art services and facilities make it a nourishing place to live, learn and grow.


In order to achieve our vision we are guided by Jewish Values. We must strategically choose new endeavors we pursue which promote the best continuum of service and product to deliver the highest quality care experience possible. We cultivate strong leadership within both Staff, and Board of Directors, and demonstrate exemplary stewardship of resources.


SandRuby serves older adults, those experiencing challenges to independent living, and other stakeholders, in a stable culture of caring to provide high quality choices throughout their lives. In achieving this goal, SandRuby is guided by the Jewish values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedakah (just and charitable deeds) and chesed (loving kindness).


SandRuby recognizes that it has a broad constituent base of stakeholders, which includes persons served, their families, loved ones, and the communities they live in, our staff, Board members, affiliated agencies, and the Jewish and broader community of Tucson.

Step into our clubhouse

SandRuby uses the internationally renowned Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. At SandRuby, there are no patients, only members. And we focus on our members’ strengths, rather than limitations. Each plan is customized according to an individual’s emotional, medical and social needs. We review member plans regularly to determine if the member’s needs are being met and to ensure everyone is benefiting from the program.

SandRuby members can stay involved in their community while making new friends. Our program promotes:

A day at SandRuby

For most of our members, SandRuby is their opportunity to find a sense of place and belonging outside of their home. We offer a comfortable, social environment where participants are surrounded by friends and highly trained, loving staff. Our members have a wide range of daily activities from which to choose. These include:

Our facility

Our new 6,000 square-foot facility is designed to meet our members’ specific needs. Take a short video tour of our clubhouse or contact us to schedule a visit.